What is homeopathy

 What is homeopathy ?

In a nutshell homeopathy is a safe and effective system of healing which has successfully been used for over 200 years! It assists the body to heal itself. Any unwanted symptoms- mental,emotional or physical- are a reflection of an underlying imbalance, and the homeopathic remedies use only tiny doses (minimum dose) and are prescribed on the idea that  "like cures like" to bring about a re-balance and relief in symptoms experienced.


What`s in the remedy?

Remedies is the name given to the prescribed medicine used in homeopathy. They are made from natural substances and specially prepared in homeopathic pharmacies. The remedies are in a potentised form. This means that they have been subjected to a procedure where they have been diluted and succussed (shaken) agreat many times. They are often dropped onto tiny lactose granules to make the taking of the remedy much easier, so that when you see a homeopath she will give you just a couple of pills to dissolve in the mouth. They can also be given in a liquid form making it easy for babies and smell children to take. They are non toxic, no addictive, not tested on animals and can be used safely along side other medication, making it a safe option for everyone!

How does it work?

 Scientists cannot explain the precise mechanism but there is vast growing evidence being published of its positive action on the individuals health. It appears to trigger the body`s own healing ability thus strengthening the immune system. For up to date research follow the link research.


Most people challenge the idea of homeopathy with the question of "how can something so dilute and in such small quantities bring about this strengthening of the individual? "

The answer lies in the following principles.......

  • Like cures like

Basically this means that any substance given in a large quantity that causes a group of symptoms to be produced can be used to start to remove those symptoms when given in a very small dose.

The best example is to think about what happens when we chop an onion....... our eyes water, burn and stream and we may even start to sneeze, and it is precisely the homeopathic remedy made from red onion- allium cepa- that is most helpful for people suffering from hayfever who experience those same symptoms.

  • And why the minium dose ?

The answer is tied up with the concept of "sensitivity" to the remedy, and can be best understoodif we think about allergies.......

When someone is allergic to something, such as animal hair,pollen,peanuts, it only requires a very small amount of the allergen(thing we are allergic to) in order to produce an exaggerated and sometimes violent response (hives, sickness,shortness of breath or even an anaphyllatic response). The body`s response is out of proportion to the quantity of substance and is due to the fact that the individual is extremely sensitive to that substance.

In a similar way, we are extremely sensitive to our homeopathic remedies (worked out by your homeopath when she matches your symptom picture to the same remedy picture). We only requirethe smallest dose of it to stimulate the healing process. So something so small can produce an exaggerated response just like the allergic reaction scenario!

  • Dilution and succussion

The dilution prevents the risk of addiction and toxicity and the shaking allows the original remedy source(the agent), to be released into the water and it is the water molecules that retain a memory for it even as it becomes more and more dilute. 

To the right is a picture of a water molecule. 

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Holistic medicine

Homeopathy treats the whole person and not the disease label in order that the imbalance is addressed. In this way it tackles the root cause rather than putting a plaster over something that will keep coming back! So in this way it is most unlikely that 2 people suffering  from Irritable Bowel Syndrome will need the same remedy. In order to treat the whole person a very detailed consultation is necessary.



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